TUES : Bioinformatics
TUES : Bioinformatics
I Love BioInformatics

The National Science Foundation and the University of Nebraska at Omaha create a series of bioinformatics learning tools to assist in course, curriculum, and laboratory improvement..

What does TUES Have?
Lecture Modules

Downloadable Lecture Modules & Module Evaluations are available at this location.

Laboratory Modules

Downloadable Laboratory Modules & Module Evaluations are available at this location..

BioInformatics Tools

BioInformatics Tools are available at this location.


Bioinformatics is a young discipline that integrates mathematical and computational techniques with biological knowledge to analyze genetic information. Bioinformatics techniques are playing an increasingly important role in the biosciences. Using these techniques, analysis of the vast amounts of data produced by DNA sequencing and mapping projects such as the Human Genome Project is uncovering hitherto unknown relationships between genes and diseases, Read more

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